Sundre Equine Zone

I spent the last couple of days out in the wilderness west of Sundre, AB with Darrell. Darrell is a founder of the group Help Alberta Wildies.

This was my first visit of (hopefully) many and it was the most incredible experience. We saw close to 100 horses over two days.


Athabasca Alberta

I am spending the next week in Alberta. I've started my (first) journey to the province with a weekend visit to the insanely charming town of Athabasca where I've been catching up with some of my all-time favourite human beings.
On Monday, I'll head south to Olds where I will meet with a group of folks working to protect Alberta's wild horses.
I'm taking way more pictures than I do on the day-to-day back home so here's where I'm going to dump them.

hello, and welcome!

I have decided to test out the idea of keeping a blog in this space - migrating from my previous tumblr blog.

Check back here for current, every day work, as well as thoughts I have (jumbled as they may - and tend to - be).

I hope you will enjoy it and always welcome feedback!